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The Sacraments: A Means of Grace

by Stan Way

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In order for there to be unity within the church there needs to be clarity regarding the meaning and use of the sacraments. The members and those who choose to attend Cornerstone need to know the church’s position and the biblical reasons for the position taken. Christ has given his church the Word and the sacraments to birth and build faith in the believer’s life. For this reason, they form the heart of the church’s ministry and worship.



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The Sacraments: A Means of Grace Stan Way

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The Sacraments: A Means of Grace

p.37Sermon #16: "The Means of Grace" by John Wesley Sermon #101: "The Duty of Constant Communion" by John Wesley Sermon #104: "On Attending the Church Service" by John Wesley The Sacraments as Means of Grace By Gregory SAs such, Ordinance Theology is entirely dependent upon the capability of the receiver to both understand and participate in the rite involvedIn the Lord's supper the sufferings and death of Christ, together with all that these provide for us in regard to salvation and advance in the spiritual life, constitute the spiritual grace in this caseThe Christian SacramentThe efficacy of these means does not depend on the faith, strength, status, or good works of those who proclaim the Word of God or administer God's sacraments; rather, the efficacy of these means rests in God alone, who has promised to work through God's gift of these means to God's churchLuther himself around the time of his marriage and afterwards became one of the greatest champions of Marriage (Holy Matrimony), and the other two (Confirmation and Ordination) were kept in the Lutheran Church for purposes of good orderChurch life, therefore, centered on the practice of sacraments (sacramentalism)


Augustine, Hugh of StWe believe that God bestows all spiritual blessings upon sinners by special means established by him[1]Eschatology means doctrine of the last thingsIn contrast to baptism, which can occur only one time since it is the rite of initiation, we observe Communion repeatedly yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly or more oftenReformed tradition subscribes to this definition (see McKim 2001: 135)The sacraments of baptism and the Lords Supper were both immediately instituted by Christ himself.[2]Before we talk about these specific practices, well embark on a general understanding of sacramentsThe covenant or Gods promise of grace is the basis of justification and salvation


Our Lord comes among us and communes with usWe could simply use our hands to eat our food, but a fork and a spoon are a more efficient means of doing soBy our participation in this act of commitment, the Holy Spirit powerfully reminds us of our covenant with God and one another, and of our participation in the community of God.With this chapter the passage is made to the second great branch of the means of graceIVHowever, Zwingli, Calvin and most of the later Reformed tradition accepted only Baptism and the Lord's Supper as sacraments, but in a highly symbolic senseGod doesn't shoot children in High Schools, or drag innocent men to death behind pickup trucks, or murder homosexual youth God doesn't do any of these things, nor does God approve of themThe reason is that infant baptism is reduced to a mere baby dedication or is overblown to a regenerative act.[27]Infant baptism destroys the concept of church as fellowship of believers


[10]CfLondon: Dolman: Hanover Historical Texts ProjectPrayer, the preaching of the Word, and the sacraments are not elaborate or fancy methods of giving us what we need to confirm our trust in ChristFor example, while it is correct and appropriate to say that "God exists", or even that "God is the only Being which truly exists", such statements must be understood to also convey the idea that God transcends what is usually meant by the term "to exist".[citation needed]11:26)v t e Christian theology Systematic Scripture Inspiration Preservation Canonics Biblical studies Exegesis Law and Gospel Hermeneutics God Attributes Patriology Christology Pneumatology Theocentricism Theology proper Immutability Impassibility Trinity Father Son(Hypostatic union Incarnation Jesus Logos Christocentric) Holy Spirit Cosmology Creation Angels Angelic hierarchy Humanity Fallen angels Satan Theodicy Soteriology Absolution Adoption Assurance Atonement Baptism Calling Conversion Election Eternal life Faith Forgiveness Glorification Grace Irresistible grace Imputation Justification Lapsarianism Means of grace Monergism Mortification Ordo salutis Perseverance Predestination Recapitulation Reconciliation Redemption Regeneration Repentance Resurrection Salvation Sanctification Synergism Theosis Union with Christ Hamartiology Adam Anthropology The Fall Incurvatus in se Original sin Sin Theodicy Total depravity Ecclesiology Sacrament Eucharist Missiology Polity(Congregational Episcopal Presbyterian) Synod Conciliarity Eschatology Summary of differences Historicism Idealism Dispensationalism Futurism Preterism Millenarianism(Pre-/ Post-/ A-millennialism) Adventism Antichrist Apocalypse Apocalypticism Covenant/ New Covenant theology End times Heaven Hell Last Judgment Millennialism New Jerusalem Rapture Second Coming Soul sleep Tribulation War in Heaven Historical History of Christian theology CalvinistArminian debate Apostolic Age Canon Patristics Caesaropapism Semipelagianism Iconoclasm Scholasticism Thomism Conciliarism Renaissance Reformation Counter-Reformation Pietism Great Awakenings Practical Apologetics Biblical law Education Ethics Homiletics Liturgics Missiology Moral Pastoral Polemics Political By tradition Eastern Orthodox Apophatic theology Cataphatic theology Economy Essenceenergies Filioque Gnomic will Metousiosis Phronema Phyletism Proskynesis Sobornost Symphonia Tabor Light Theoria Theosis Theotokos Roman Catholic Absolution Apostolic succession Assumption of Mary Traditionalism Ecumenical Councils Immaculate Conception Indulgences Infant baptism Josephology Liturgy Mariology Mass Modernism Natural law Papal infallibility Priesthood Purgatory Quartodecimanism Real presence Sacerdotalism Sacrament Sainthood Thomism Transubstantiation Ultramontanism Veneration Protestant General Adiaphora Assurance Believer's baptism Protestant ecclesiology (Branch theory) Priesthood of all believers Anglican Anglo-Catholicism Evangelical Catholic High church Latitudinarian Low church Arminian/ Wesleyan Christian perfection Conditional preservation of the saints Imparted righteousness Lordship salvation Prevenient grace Lutheran Two kingdoms Loci Theologici Theology of the Cross Confessional Lutheranism Haugean Lutheran orthodoxy Lutheran scholasticism Neo-Lutheranism Reformed (Calvinist) Christian Reconstructionism Covenant theology Free Grace Monergism Predestination Five solae(Sola fide Sola gratia Sola scriptura Soli Deo gloria Solus Christus) Supersessionism Total depravity TULIP Pentecostalist Baptism with the Holy Spirit Faith healing Fivefold ministry Glossolalia Other Adventism Anabaptism Dispensationalism Evangelicalism Fundamentalism Messianic Judaism Pietism Prosperity theology Restorationism Outline of Christian theology Christianity portal Does grace save? Does faith save? Does grace, operating through faith, save? Does grace come to us before we have faith, or after, or both? Can we reject or ignore grace, or are we free to say "no" to God? Questions like these are not new; they have raged among Christians and not just Protestant Christians for much of the last two millennia^ See Windsor Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine from the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Consultation and Elucidation of the ARCIC Windsor Statement(2008)This is not necessarily a bad thing God can and does use many different genre, many different nuances, many different images, to communicate the truth of divine love and presence in the life of the Church


(May 2008) p.26p.162It is a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.Through the application of, or participation in, the Sacramental act, Wesley believed that Grace could be received 79c7fb41ad

Stan Way


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